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About The Oak Tree

We are a community of people who believe that Discipleship is active (walking with the oppressed); radical (deeply rooted in our faith and values) and emergent (responding to each new challenge with new insights).

Our image is the Oak tree - the entry/doorway/hinge between the world and our spiritual selves. Deeply rooted. Ancient, yet new.

Jesus didn't just sit and teach in the synagogue. He walked with people on their journey - feeding the hungry, guiding the lost, healing the broken, challenging the unjust systems of the day. 

We don't have a building - we share the buildings of others. We don't have a creed - we encourage each person to explore and develop their own unique faith and values.

We do have a passion for justice, a need to be active in working for justice, and a deep abiding love for our community. We believe that Christians can and should reclaim our prophetic voice in our chaotic times. We welcome those of other faith traditions, and of no faith tradition, to journey with us. 

We are radical in that we build on the deep roots of our values and faith tradition and do not accept facile answers to faith questions. We look to the Hebrew prophets for inspiration for our prophetic voice. We look to Jesus of Nazareth for our model of ministry. We look to people of faith throughout the ages for models of living with integrity.

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