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The west central area of Spokane has been labeled a food desert due to its lack of healthy food within a mile of the area.  The lack of work opportunities, transportation, and healthy food drive the area to increasingly higher levels of poverty.  We at the Grove Community want to end this horrific problem.  Many ideas have circulated to help alleviate some of these problems.

We at The Grove Community are seeking to build worker-owned grocery store cooperatives in these food deserts.  We believe that this will help people in the area to gain meaningful and rewarding employment.  The worker-owned model allows the workers dictate their own set of policies and procedures.  This will give the workers a tremendous sense of ownership.

We have created a crowdfunding video that explains the plight and gives a brief overview of what we can accomplish if we can make this store a reality.

West Central Housing Project

The Grove Community has been tirelessly working to save 5 historic homes in the West Central area from being demolished.  The site where these homes were located was purchased by Sarf Investments to demollish the homes and then place a car wash in its place.

Our working group has put together some incentives and concessions and done some homework. We can get one lot for a buck and others for very low cost. With one hundred thousand dollars, we can save one house. With half a million we can save all five and have a great going concern preserving architecture and providing affordable housing. And it will provide tax revenue to the City on previously blighted and unproductive lots. WIN WIN WIN! We need your help in the form of donations and or investments by way of loans secured by almost instant equity and cash flow. But the deadline is NOW! We have about a week or less to make this happen. Please e-mail Matt Phillips (, Deb Conklin ( or Kenny Barney ( if you would like to participate. 

TGC would like to save some of these homes and move them to lots in West Central where we can renovate them, and rent them to low income people who want to stay in our neighborhood. That would make this project a source of pressure against the gentrification coming from Kendall Yards - as well as saving these classic homes.

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